February 3rd, 2010


Movies, Movies, Movies

I'm surprised there weren't a flurry of posts regarding the Oscar nominations the other day. *shrugs* Maybe most folks don't care. I'm a movie buff, so I'm always interested in seeing what gets nominated. It's funny that I care so much because I was commenting to myself recently on how lame the Grammys were. I bet just as many folks think the same of the Academy Awards.

I went through the complete list of nominees and added every title to my Netflix list if it wasn't already there. We have been waiting for "Inglorious Basterds" for a couple of weeks now. A few others have also been categorized as "very long wait," so we'll just have to be patient.

There has been a fair amount of teeth gnashing on various forums and blogs about what person/film was overlooked or what person/film was nominated that didn't deserve it. Even though most award shows are crap, I would like to think that the Oscars are a little more "fair" than some. It shouldn't matter that "Avatar" took in $1 billion, the plot sucked. Notice that none of the actors were nominated for best anything. There wasn't any great acting in it! Perhaps one of the smaller/lesser-known movies will win. I can certainly hope so! Remember that "Star Wars" didn't win squat. Anyway, I haven't seen all that many of the nominees. Like in previous years I hope to see as many as I can before the show. What I don't see before I will see after.

In other movies news I found something amusing the other day as we were watching "X Men Origins:Wolverine" on dvd. In the scene where they are injecting metal into his body, someone makes the comment that they will inject him with hydrochlorothiazide to erase his memory. I had to *LOL* at that. That's the medication I am taking for my high blood pressure. A side effect is that it's a diuretic. So Logan can kick a lot of ass, but he'll be needing to make a few extra pit stops.