March 1st, 2010


My Furry Office

I have been moved into my new office for a few weeks now. I am basking in the glorious light of the Sun. I don't even bother to turn on the lights any more except on the cloudiest of days. The 4 house plants I brought from home are thriving. I still have some piles of papers lying around, but for the most part, I am totally moved in and organized.

It's pretty wonderful to be so open about my furriness here. Even the other day I made a comment to one of the managers about making a doctor's appointment and he laughed and said, "Don't you mean the vet?" I have an entire cabinet filled with bear plushies and toys. In cleaning up my old office I found my small movie posters for "Brother Bear" and "Over the Hedge" which are now up on the wall. Today I brought in "Bounce" the art show piece I purchased at FC this year. It covers 18 square feet of wall space. I have had a few people come in and comment on how happy the piece looks. Exactly! The biggest change from my previous office is that I no longer have my walls plastered in bear-themed cartoons. They were such a pain to put up and take down! Since I am now situated in what is called "Mahogany Row," meaning the row of offices where all of the upper managers are situated, I have to have a little more class. A whole bunch of individual cartoons is less classy than a giant picture of a bunny on a trampoline. *grins*