March 8th, 2010


Oscar Post

Wow. There is a total lack of Oscar posts on LJ today. I was thinking there would be many "Bawwwwww! "Avatar" didn't win!" posts. I'm actually glad there weren't any. Probably the best film actually won Best Film. Granted, there were a few I hadn't seen, but "The Hurt Locker" was a very good film. Kudos! I was also very happy to see Christoph Waltz win for his role in "Inglorious Basterds." He made a wonderful Nazi. I was also happy to see "Up" walk away with a couple of wins as well.

Yes, Kitty, scritchwuff, and I sat through the entire show. As I seem to mention every year, I have been watching the awards for probably 30 years. I love movies! The Oscars are the only awards show I will watch even if it can be dripping with Hollywood cheese from time to time.

Ben Stiller's "Avatar" spoof was great. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a good job as co-hosts. The best line of the evening came when they were roasting all of the nominees. When they got to Chris Waltz they said that he was nominated for playing a person hunting for Jews. They pointed towards the audience, smiled, and said, "Well...there you go!"

Acceptance speech "FAIL" went to one of the winners of "Best Documentary:Short" who interrupted her colleague who was doing a pretty good job and instead started rambling about the subject of the film. Keyboard Cat played her off as she kept going and going. As I had predicted, since "The Cove" won Best Documentary, there was politicizing of the hunting of whales and dolphins. They blew their opportunity, however, as they tried to unravel a banner. The camera cut away so their message was largely lost. The bitch who won "Best Costume Design" also needed to be hit in the face with some humble pie. "Oh look! I won another Oscar! That makes 3! I'll dedicate this one to the little people in the fashion world!" STFU! Oh, and if you're such a great designer, wear a descent dress! That thing was hideous! *snaps fingers in a "Z."*

So, yeah. Another year, another show. Now it's time to just sick back and wait for things to be released on dvd. The Netflx queue is primed and ready to receive them when they're available.