March 9th, 2010


Balloon Boy in a Prius

OK. Perhaps the news story is legit, but I will be one of the first ones to call "bullshit" on the story coming out of San Diego about the runaway Prius. Normally I wouldn't be this cynical, but after stories such as "Balloon Boy," I would not doubt the lengths that people will go to in the name of getting some publicity. What got my red flag flying was that the guy was supposedly in a panic that his car was doing 90+ down the freeway. He can't reach over and put the car in neutral, but he can grab his cell phone, call 911, and have a conversation with the operator. She tells him to put it into neutral and he refuses. His story is that he is afraid the car might flip over. WHAT?!? We'll see in the days to come whether the story is true or false. Me, I'm betting on a hoax. If I am wrong, I will apologize.