March 11th, 2010


Bear's Biorhythm

Many years ago I played around with biorhythms. I found a few computer programs that would take your "vital information" and produce charts for you. I tried tracking myself without looking at the charts and what I found was that there was very little correlation. What I have found out, however, is that I DO have some sort of pattern I can trace. Kitty knows to avoid me about 3-4 days before a full moon. I don't know what it is, but I always get emo/angsty/moody around that time.

There is perhaps a longer period mood swing working on me that I haven't figured out yet. This manifested itself in late January where I just really felt blah. It's usually during this time when everything seems to go wrong. I get that feeling that I'm a total fuck-up and everyone hates me. I'm getting better at identifying these phases, however, and that's why I decided to "hibernate." It certainly helps to just take a few steps back and "get your mind right."

I have been a blessed bear. I always seem to land on my paws even when the shit seems to start piling up. Perhaps this is due to my always planning for the worst. I always look at what could go wrong and plan for those events. When things don't turn out that bad, it seems like a blessing. If things DO go to hell, I have a contingency plan in place so the bad doesn't seem so bad. *shrugs* It's how I operate, and so far it has worked for me.

The bottom line is that I think I am coming out of my Winter doldrums. Things are starting to look up. Everything is calm in the household. The job here is still "meh" but a job potential has opened up in northern Colorado. *crosses claws* I have RCFM coming up in May and Yellowstone is still a go in August. So life is good right now. I hope I have a nice peak in the next few months before the next trough comes. Knowing that there will be highs and lows certainly helps to even things out emotionally.