March 15th, 2010


Money Makes The World Go Around

Yesterday Kitty and I went to see a traveling Broadway production of "Cabaret." I guess I should have my ghey license revoked for having never seen this musical before even the movie version with Liza and Joel Grey (except for bits and pieces). Overall it was a very nice show. The music was very catchy, the performers were great, and the plot had lots of nice sexual innuendo including gay themes. I liked that "anything goes" attitude of pre-WWII Berlin. Leave it to the Nazis to ruin everything.

In other news I got to play H&R Bear this weekend and got my taxes done. They weren't as painful as previous years, but due to a little stock market success, I owe the gov't some money. I'm glad I caught the deduction this year for new car sales tax. That saved me a nice amount. I had been wondering why NM never sent me my tax forms. I finally realized that last year I e-filed, so they probably expect me to do so again this year. A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation showed that I should come out right about even with state taxes.

Oh! And it looks like I might have been right with my post from last week! I guess I am not the only one calling him "the new Balloon Boy!"

EDIT: I also found out something interesting about Daylight Savings Time. They tell us to set our clocks back at 02:00, but I noticed my atomic clock re-set itself at 19:00 on Saturday. I guess the atomic clock goes on DST at 0:00 UTC (Zulu) which would be 2 am -7 local time.

That's pretty much all the news from the weekend except for our Netflix movie marathon. We're both getting hooked on "Battlestar Gallactica." We both kinda enjoyed "The Invasion" which is a re-telling of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" only with lousy directing and a happy Hollywood ending unlike the previous 2 versions (I LOVE the Donald Sutherland version). We both gave big thumbs down to "Gamer" which I only wanted to see because it was filmed in ABQ. It was kinda funny seeing people having sex on Civic Plaza which was the site where a real-life Second Life takes place. There was even a fursuiter! I like Michael C Hall (Dexter) but this was a disaster.