March 17th, 2010


The Luck of the Polish

I decided to celebrate St Patty's day a bit early yesterday. Oh, who am I fooling?!? Every day is St Patty's day at Fur Central! *lol* Actually, there will be a furmeet tonight and so the house is full of "supplies." I decided to do a little sampling last night as I cooked up my signature dish of breaded pork tenderloin. It's that little bit of my Polish/Czech heritage that I do quite well. So I enjoyed some libations while slaving over a hot stove. I successfully made a black and tan using Guinness and Smithwick's. I then enjoyed a Smithwick's on its own as well as a Harp. The evening was capped with a couple shots of Bushmill's. I would say that I'm primed and ready for tonight. We also have some Bailey's, so there is a chance of a few Irish Car Bombs going off as well. There are also Costco-sized bags of fish and chips in the freezer. Let the celebration begin!