March 31st, 2010


Lamb Cake!

No no! It's not a cake made out of lamb. It's a pound cake in the shape of a lamb. Making one has been an Easter tradition in my family for YEARS! The recipe comes from my mother. It was in an envelope that had a postmark from 1962! So yeah. My mom had been making this cake for a LONG time. She passed on the cake pan to me a few years ago. Kitty tried to make it one year with "interesting" results. The cake came out just fine, but she biffed the frosting recipe. I can't really fault her for her screw up since she was trying to read 40-year old handwriting. Basically you heat a small amount of flour and water which you then add to a larger batch of flour and sugar. It's supposed to make the frosting very fluffy. Well, Kitty boiled the whole thing. What we ended up with was akin to Krispy Kreme donut glaze.

So last night I tried my paw at the recipe. Overall it came out ok. Well, at least the cake did. I still have to do the frosting tonight. I also had a little trouble getting it out of the pan and beheaded the poor critter. I'll have to do surgery with some frosting stitches. Once it's frosted I will cover it in coconut "wool." Add some raisin eyes and a cherry mouth and it will be done! A family tradition will have been upheld!