April 14th, 2010


The Longest Day

Greetings from the beautiful Espanola Valley (not the beaches of Normandy).

I am writing this from a parking lot of a gas station since I still have good wi-fi signal here. I fear that if I drive up to Abiquiu Reservoir, where I'm supposed to be in about 2 hours, I'll lose all signal.

I am right in the middle of a 14-hour day. I had a meeting in Santa Fe this morning where I presented our plan for this year's reservoir operations. I was then trapped into giving the same talk this evening at the above-mentioned reservoir. That meeting starts at 6. It should only take an hour, but then it's a 2-hour drive back to ABQ. So I started this morning at 7a and I should be home at 9p. Yay! I then have to give the same talk tomorrow night in ABQ at 6p. I smell a lot of credit hours coming my way!

EDIT: Wow! I got good signal up at the reservoir! *gazes over the water and the beautiful scenery all around*