April 16th, 2010



The word for today is "JOKULHLAUP." (I'm Internet illiterate as to the proper way to display an umlaut).

When I heard about the now-famous volcanic eruption in Iceland, a word suddenly popped into my head from my glacial geology class some 25 years ago. We learned the word "jokulhlaup" which was a flood caused by the sudden release of water from a glacier. I thought it only referred to the breaking of a glacial dam, (i.e. a glacier damming a river which then breaks apart when pressure builds too high) but I see that it also refers to when a volcano erupts under a glacier which is what happened in Iceland a couple of days ago. It should be no surprise that the word itself originated in Iceland. So there you have it! An obscure word I learned in class many years ago can be used today to discuss a current event! Impress your friends and family! I should even write to Bjork and have her use it in a song! Crazy French Icelandic bitch!