May 10th, 2010


You Otter Be Fursuiting!

Greetings from lovely Carlsbad NM! Just like last year I am here playing Otto the Otter for the Children's Water Festival. Today was certainly an interesting day. There were about 5 or 6 different classes of 4th graders. Each one treated Otto very differently. Well, towards the end I had all of the classes screaming "OTTO!!!" as I got all of them on their buses. One class was full of hellraisers and I had to beat a fast retreat during lunch as my tail and whiskers were being pulled as well as trying to not allow the cries of "Take his head off!" to become a reality. Other classes were much nicer. Almost too nice, in fact. There were a few times where group hugs almost turned into furpiles. I almost went falling over once but fortunately a group pounced me from behind which helped me regain my balance. I also violated a fursuiting rule and picked up a girl who begged me to carry her around. Of course after that EVERYONE wanted to get a ride on the Otter. I really need to brush up on my dance skillz. Although they did enjoy my versions of The Robot and the Macarena. So I get to do the whole schtick again tomorrow as well as Wednesday and Thursday up in Santa Fe. Where's Mr Cougar when I need him to declare that I sure do fursuit an awful lot!

Turtle Yiff

As Columbo would say, "Just one more thing..."

Since the Water Festival ended early, we headed over to the Living Desert Zoo and Museum. If you ever come to Carlsbad to tour the Caverns, spend a few extra hours and see this state park! It's really wonderful for the plants and animals they have there!

So we're walking around and get to the desert tortoise exhibit. My co-worker says, "Oh! That poor turtle is on his back!" I look over and see that there is, indeed, a turtle on his back flailing around a little. I then looked a little more carefully and saw that the reason he was having such a difficult time was because he was stuck inside of another tortoise! I guess they knot like canines! It was then that my co-worker started chuckling. He had seen it right from the start. Many lewd comments then followed.