May 13th, 2010


Otto: Day 4

Well, I survived another gig. Today was better in that we actually got there on time. I was able to down a cup of coffee before suiting up. There's nothing more dangerous than an otter wired on caffeine! Overall it was a pretty good gig. Once again the highs weren't quite as high as yesterday but the lows weren't quite as low. The ottographs were held to a minimum. There were a few rowdy kids, but overall not too bad. There was one, however, who must have been severely ADD/hyper/autistic/etc. A few times he came running full tilt at me even after his teacher scolded him and told him to stay seated. At the end of the day a couple of buses were late, so I stayed around to keep the kiddies entertained. Damn! That took a lot out of me! I know I commented about this in a previous Otto post either this year or last. The kids are around 10-11-years old. By this age they should have given up the fantasy of Santa and the Easter Bunny (etc). I take it that most, if not all, know that it's a person in a suit and not a real critter. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. The kids are constantly trying to test you. I just know that they're itching for you to break character. So it does my heart good when I see them all get on the bus, and even the die-hard tail-puller/head smacker gives you a high five and tells you that you're cool/awesome. Great! I'm judging myself based on the opinions of a 10-year old! Hey! It's kinda like an analogy to the Internet! *LOL*