May 14th, 2010


Garden update

No more Otto gigs! *phew* I did spend an hour today taking Otto for a bath at the local laundromat. After 4 days he was starting to get a bit funky.

Even though I was only away from home for 2 nights last week, it certainly felt like I was away for a lot longer. Even the 2 gigs in Santa Fe took so much out of me that all I felt like doing when I came home was scarfing down some dinner and hitting the hay (after posting to LJ). I only had a little time to appreciate the garden. Today I got a nice long look as I watered. The zukes and cukes have finally germinated and are looking good. The peppers and tomatoes have also stabilized and are getting established. The eggplant still look a little weak, but are slowly stabilizing. About the only thing that hasn't sprouted yet are the green beans. Maybe I'll have to see if I can get a pic this weekend.