May 19th, 2010


Happy Mesa Found Day!

It has now been 3 years since I found our sweet puppy Mesa up on the mesa. We took him to the vet yesterday for his shots. He's now up to 85 pounds of love. Outside of his raw nose from digging, he's a happy and healthy dog. Yeah. We spoil him rotten. In reading the post from the day we found him, not all that much has changed! He's still a pet slut/attention whore. He still has his nervous peeing problem. He still can get emo from time to time. I think it's mostly when we're not constantly petting him. We definitely lucked out in finding him. He's such a sweetheart.

BTW, I fail because Kitty took some pics of him yesterday for this post, and I forgot to upload them. Hopefully tomorrow!

Fast and Furry-ous

OK. My head is spinning. I got a call from Loveland this afternoon. They want to interview me for the job I put in for months ago. Ummm....ok. They wanted to do an interview next Tuesday. Ummm.....ok. I could probably do a phone interview as we're driving to New Orleans. No. It as to be a face-to-face interview. Not gonna happen. Well, there is some time available tomorrow. Ummm.....ok. I suppose I can fly up and back. OK! Great! *erp* So after a quick call to a gov't travel agent I am booked on a flight to Denver. Jesus H Friggin Christ! So I'm in for a 12+ hour day tomorrow. The good news is that one of the people on the interviewing team is a good guy. We kinda know each other. He's a very smart cookie. The bad news is that my ex-boss is now 2nd in charge in the office. *facepaws* All I have working in my favor is that I have mellowed out quite a bit during the past 7 years. Hopefully she also got the iron rod out of her butt in that time. So wish me luck. I guess. Damn. I need a drink.