May 20th, 2010


Interview Done

I'm sitting in DIA sucking down a nice cold brewski. The interview went ok. It wasn't stellar but I didn't suck either. I keep getting a bad vibe that my old boss might be poisoning the well. *shrugs* Oh well. If there are any bad feelings after 7 years, they certainly are mutual. Why would I want to work for such a person again? Well, she wouldn't be MY boss but rather my boss' boss. *shrugs again* It's a real "meh" deal. If I don't get the job, Que sera' sera'. Life will go on.

I drove all over the area. I figured I had time to kill, why not see some country. I REALLY should have driven up to Estes Park. I just wasn't thinking. Oh well. I just wanna get home and get some sleep after a nice tasty martini.