May 21st, 2010


Critter Post

Yeah, it's really late for me to be posting. I know. I just had to rescue a baby bunny from the terrible jaws of Skookum. I was listening to the latest from the New Pornographers when I heard squeaking. Was that part of the song? No. It was coming from outside. I went outside and there was Skooks with the baby bunny. She dropped it and I praised her hunting skills while the bunny hopped away. Once Lil Bunbun was safely away, I carried Skooks inside.

This afternoon while taking Mesa on walkies I spotted yet another horned lizard up on the mesa. That makes 3 so far this year! I think I have seen 3 in the past 11 years and now I have seen 3 in just one year. I do like those little guys.

Speaking of Mesa...Here's the pic that I promised!

85 pounds of love!