June 3rd, 2010


Chipmunk From Hell

There's nothing quite like coming home from a nice vacation and falling headlong into a crisis. On Tuesday Kitty and I stopped about 2 hours out of ABQ for a potty break (and some Carl's Jr fried zucchini). Kitty called xeltifon, our housesitter, to let him know we would be home shortly. He informs her that Skookum the cat ran into the house with a chipmunk in her jaws. She proceeded to drop it where it proceeded to run wild through the house. It seemed to be taking refuge in our loft area, so I told Xeltifon to close all of the doors to keep it somewhat contained.

When I arrived home I went into the loft and was greeted by a very agitated rodent clinging to the top of the mini blinds trying to somehow make it out the closed window. It ran under the sofa and disappeared. While devising some sort of containment system I hear Kitty scream that the chipmunk was now downstairs and being pursued by Skookum. Soon it was running back up the stairs heading right for Kitty. I grabbed a large, clear plastic container, and as it reached the top of the stairs, I slammed the thing down over it. I then slid the lid underneath it and sealed it in. I then took it out to the yard where I let it go. I could have taken it up the mesa, but I was pretty pissed off. I wanted to see some gladiatorial combat between the chipmunk and either Mesa, Skookum, or both. Luckily for the chipmunk my pets are a few cards short of a full deck. The traumatized rodent easily hopped over the fence as the cat and dog were more interested in getting pets/scritches.

When I went back upstairs to straighten things out, I started to notice the damage. The little fucker chewed through the cords of the mini blinds! Not only did it do it to the 2 windows in the loft but the 2 windows in our bedroom! I also know that he was scared shitless, because there were droppings all over the sill.

So now we can't open the blinds at a time of year where I rely on having the windows wide open in the evening to catch the cooler air. There is a silver lining to all of this, however. I went to the place where I originally purchased the blinds 10 years ago and they told me that they have a lifetime warranty. I can bring them in and have new cords put in for free! Whoot! So it's a pain in the butt to pull down the blinds, clean them, and take them in, but it won't be a major financial undertaking. We'll also keep a closer eye on Skooks so that she doesn't bring us any more "presents." I also found half of a lizard in the yard the other day. Cats! *rolls eyes*