June 4th, 2010


More Chipmunk Drama

In yesterday's story I mentioned that I chased the chipmunk under the sofa and less than a minute later it was running up the stairs where I then trapped it. I thought it odd at the time that the critter was able to leap off of the loft and run back up the stairs in such a short amount of time. The thought did cross my mind that we were dealing with 2 chipmunks, but the one supposedly under the sofa was nowhere to be found. I think you can see where this story is heading.

I had mentioned that there were rodent droppings all over the window sill. The little guy had the shit scared out of him. LITERALLY! Of course I cleaned it up. Yesterday I noticed that there were more droppings on the sill. Had I missed some? So I once again gave the sill a thorough cleaning. About 2 hours later I found a couple more pellets. OK. We have another chipmunk in the house! I tore apart the bedroom looking for the little bastard. Nothing. I had no containment so it could have been anywhere in the house. Once again the cat and dog were useless in tracking it down. The best I could do was wait until today to pick up some traps at Lowes.

This morning I get a frantic call from Kitty telling me that the chipmunk was sitting on the window sill in the loft. I ordered her to immediately put the house in lockdown. All doors were closed. A little while later I get a call telling me that it was in the guest bathroom eating Skookum's food. With a little yelling I got Kitty to shut the door to the bathroom. I guess she was afraid that it would go all "Holy Grail Bunny" on her ass. So now I get to play Steve Irwin (oh wait. bad example) when I get home. I will be soooooo happy to have a sense of calm return to the house.

EDIT: Never mind. The chipmunk-in-the-bathroom was just another one of Kitty's delusional visions. She wanted to see a chipmunk in the bathroom and therefore there was a chipmunk in the bathroom. I could find no trace of the critter when I got home. OK, everyone! Let's all stare at carol_kitty and give her lots of attention! That's what she craves!