June 10th, 2010


Chipmunk Update

I think the final chapter of the chipmunk drama is unfolding. A few days ago I went into our junk/clutter room and saw droppings on the window sill. I also noticed the little bastard tried to chew through the mini blind cords. I cleaned up the dooker and closed the door. A few hours later I went back into the room and there were fresh droppings on the sill. Ah-ha! I have you now! The door had been closed the entire time! I now knew where he was! The only problem was that the room is completely filled with STUFF, so finding the little guy in a short amount of time would have been nearly impossible. I decided to just wait him out. I lined the window sill with traps. The door was once again closed, effectively making it a prison. Now he would be without food or water unless he wanted to eat the tasty peanut butter in the traps.

I'll cut to the chase and say that he never found the traps. Judging from the unmistakable aroma of death that is coming from the room, however, I think it is somewhat safe to say that our problem rodent has expired. Kitty and I will meticulously tear apart the room tonight and hunt for the carcass. Hopefully we'll be able to find it, and the story will be finished.

EDIT: Found him! As Bones would say, "He's dead, Jim!" For a little guy he sure had a big stink! Febreeze to the rescue!