July 2nd, 2010


July Garden Update

Here it is! The post you (and I) have been waiting for! The fruits of my labor! After 2 months the garden has produced!

(cell phone just for scale. I don't have THAT awesome of a plant *snerk*)

Audrey II has produced 3 zucchini over the past 2 days! Yay! The eggplant I was keeping an eye on had teeth marks in it the other day. When I went to check on it today, the whole thing was gone. Damn you, Mediterranean chipmunk/squirrel!!!

So the 2010 garden is off to a good start! The peppers are flowering and ready to drop veggies. There are a few green tomatoes forming. The cucumber is struggling to outpace the zucchini which is rapidly encroaching on its sunlight. The green beans are flowering and starting to produce bean-lettes. Here's to a long and productive Summer!