July 3rd, 2010


If I Was More of a Drama Whore

Well, the headless debate raged even more on fursuitlounge after jugularjaguar posted a very well composed and thought out post regarding suiting in public without your head. He was met with scorn and disdain by the "suiters" who claim that NOTHING matters as long as YOU are having fun. I actually thought about creating a sock puppet account to post this, but rather than stir up more drama there, I thought I would post it here. NOTE: I had a bottle of wine tonight so the snark level is in the red zone. With that being said, however, WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME BECAUSE I DRANK ALCOHOL!!! I AM HAVING FUN, SO I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!1!

Hullo! My name is Pedobear. I bought a suit from China so that I can fulfil my dream of being Pedobear. I plan on going to [insert con name here] and thought it would be funny to perform on the street as Pedobear. I will have a bowlful of candy which I will give away for free to all children as they walk by! It will be histerical! I will also ask parents to send children down to my van down by the river! *LOL* I will tell them that I am a furry and that I am attending [insert con here]. I will say that most furries have a fursuit and most have sex in them because I know that I do. Many peepol say that fursuit sex is bad, but I don't care because I liek it! Who are you to say that fursuit sex is bad?!? I will make big joke about Pedobear because thats fun! Isnt that what fursiuting all about?!? FUN!!11! I think it will be a huge fun joke! I don't care what yiou think because I thnik it be fun! I dont care what rest of suiters think. Their just old and stupid.