July 12th, 2010


Comparative Theater

This was another cultural weekend for us. We got to attend 2 very different live performances; one a play, the other a musical.

On Saturday night we hit the Albuquerque Little Theater for a performance of "Auntie Mame." A furry friend was working on staff and got us free passes. It seemed like it would be a fun time because the female performers were all drag queens. It certainly suited the roles of Auntie Mame and her eclectic circle of friends. For a small community theater production it was pretty good. The sets were well done although it took an inordinate amount of time to switch them out between scenes. The big failure was that there was no intermission until the 1:40 mark. That was WAY too long for an act. We ended up bailing on act 2 because I just couldn't sit there any longer.

On Sunday we got the other end of the spectrum by seeing the traveling Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast." Here we had big-budget sets with professionals singing and dancing. They did an incredible job with the numbers "Gaston" and "Be Our Guest." Beast was pretty hawt looking as well. There were life-sized wolf puppets for the scenes in the woods and the stage ninjas were dressed as (I think) gargoyles. This was everything that a big Broadway extravaganza should be.

There were a lot of kids at the show which was a nice thing to see. It's a great musical to get kids interested in live theater. A lot of little girls were dressed up as Belle. Kitty saw a funny thing when she witnessed a mother trying to buy her daughter a Belle doll. The little girl said, "NO! I want Beast!" *lol* I should have given her a invitation to NM Furry and told her to call us in about 10 years.

Here Come Da Media!

Oh lovely! Some looney toons just killed 5 people here in ABQ before killing himself. Let the media feeding frenzy begin! When I went to check on the story on Yahoo, there were already almost 1000 comments posted. There is a huge flame war erupting between pro-gun and anti-gun idiots. *facepaws* People are dead and they're turning it into a political fight. So many of the comments are just mind-numbingly stupid! Someone on my F.L. recently made a comment on how rude many of the furries were online. Nah. It's not restricted to furries. Put a person in front of a keyboard and watch the stupidity flow.

EDIT: OK. The good news is that only 2 other people were killed. The bad news is that 2 innocent people had to die because some fucktard was having girlfriend trouble. Yeah. If you want to be an hero, kill yourself first before turning the gun on others.