July 13th, 2010


Here We Go Again!

This is getting ridiculous! My supervisor walked into my office today and announced that he will be resigning effective this weekend. WTF?!? For those of you that forgot, my new supervisor was my old supervisor who quit a few years ago to become a Mr Mom while his wife went back to work. After living in AZ for a few years they decided to move back to NM with them going back to the old arrangement of him being the one drawing the paycheck. Well, the AZ housing market crash has made the move impossible without taking a huge financial bath. They decided that an LDR would just not work, so he's heading back to AZ. Once again I will be leaderless! I guess I must be such an incredible bastard to supervise! I drive the bosses away. Mwaa haa haa! So we'll once again have to wait and see what the heck will happen. It really sucks because we fell right back into an old comfortable routine. The opportunity to get some a-hole is once again looming over my head.