July 14th, 2010


Another BP Conspiracy Theory

I made a prediction early on in the BP disaster that the Republicans would somehow blame Obama for the mess. It took only a couple of days for that to become true. Here is my new theory:

They are making it sound on the news that the relief wells will SEAL the well. I find this extremely hard to believe! You just do not walk away from a well that is producing 60,000 bbl/day! Let's do the math:
Crude is going for about $77/bbl. At 66,000bbl/day, that's $5,080,000/day! That's $1.8 BILLION a year!

So here's what will happen. Either through the new cap or through the relief wells, BP will get control of the well. There will then be talk of using the money generated from the well to pay off all of the claims which will result from the disaster. It will be the silver lining to this black tragedy. It's a win for BP because they won't have to take resources from other parts of the company. The government would win because it would be good publicity. Everybody loves those "good coming from evil" stories. So let's see what happens over the next few days/weeks/months.