July 23rd, 2010


Scam alert!

I couple of weeks ago Kitty got a letter in the mail saying that she won a prize from the Publisher's Clearinghouse. Inside there was a check for about $4,000. I looked it over carefully and it seemed to have all of the necessary features to be an authentic check. Of course, something seemed VERY fishy. There was a number to call if you had questions, so she called. They told her that once the check was deposited she should call back to get information on how to claim the rest of the $100,000. I continued to scrutinize every aspect of the deal. The letter DID have 1st class postage as opposed to being pre-sorted or bulk rate, but there was no return address. There were aspects that looked legit and aspects that just didn't jibe. One thing I looked for was the infamous, "By signing this check you agree to..." Nope. The check seemed very legit. I told Kitty to deposit the check but let the bank know that she suspected fraud. The only angle I could see was that the check could be completely legit, but there were no funds in the account. By the time you deposited it and called back in, where they would most likely ask for a SS# or PIN # or something, they would have information about you and you would be stuck with a rubber check. Worse for you would be if you started making withdrawals with funds you didn't really have. Well, my fears were confirmed today. The bank called Kitty and told her that the check was from an account with a $0 balance. It's ALWAYS a good thing to live by the motto "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" The most nefarious thing about this scam is that they are using REAL checks. I'm just proud of myself that I thought this thing through and actually figured out their scam before it was too late. Hey! I could be a flim-flam man! Perhaps that's also why I enjoy movies such as "House of Games".