July 24th, 2010


That was Greeeeaaaaat!

I have now entered the club of "Furries Who Have Performed as Tony the Tiger." I will consider it my first officially paid suiting gig even though I have been paid for a couple of gigs before. I was a bit paranoid since I am used to performing in my own suits, so I know they fit and I know the visibility. That was my problem when I auditioned to play Orbit, the Isotopes mascot. The footpaws were just a little small and very rigid. It took a lot to get my foot inside. Visibility was through the neck, so that was something new to me as well. What if Tony was like that?!? What if I showed up and the suit didn't fit?! What if my handler was an incompetent boob?!?

Well, all of my fears were unrealized. The only issue was that Tony's hip pads would not stay on my hips. No matter how tight I tied the belt, if I took a few a steps, they would start sliding down to my knees. So I did without the pads. It wasn't a big deal since I have a lot of my own padding. *lol* Visibility was through the nose and very clear. My handler had limited experience, but she was awesome! She knew how to get kids to come up for a hug or a high 5 (I mean 4). She directed me safely around the store, and she wasn't freaked out if she had to touch the sweat-soaked suit. We worked together for 4 hours.

Kitty left me for most of the gig since it would be boring to stand around for 4 hours. She returned during the last 30 minutes to get a few pics.

Overall it was a great experience. There is a whole new aspect to performing as a well-known character. I had people both young and old coming up to me for hugs and high 4's. The only *facepaws* moment was when some kids started calling me "Tigger." Oh, and I did have a "black woman moment" as well. As I was standing outside greeting people as they entered this car pulled up and a black woman screamed "OMG!!!! It's Tony!!!! I wanna picture!!!" So she stopped in the middle of the road, hopped out, ran at me, stopped just short and asked, "You are a dude, right?" I nodded, she glomped me, then demanded that her boyfriend take a picture of both of us.

OK. Have a few pics!

Ooops! I thought this was a litter box.

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