July 26th, 2010


Cadillac Ranch

On the outskirts of Amarillo, TX there is a little tourist destination known as The Cadillac Ranch. It's a little bit of Americana with the tailfins of old Cadillacs sticking out of the ground. For years now I have passed the site on the way to places like Memphis, Chicago, or Huntsville (see a connection there? *grins*) That's also not including the times I actually went to Amarillo to visit my sister. I kept telling myself I would stop and visit the site in fursuit one of these days. Something always seemed to conspire against it, however. A few weeks ago, silveronewunny threw down the gauntlet about being the first fursuiter there. She almost beat me, but mud caused her to abort the attempt. I decided that THIS time would be the best opportunity for the undertaking. The weather conspired against me with rain on Saturday, but a little dry trail allowed me to pull it off on Sunday. So here is the result!

There were quite a few tourists there on Sunday morning, so I ended up posing for a few pics with people. The German tourists thought it was great. I couldn't even de-suit when we got back to teh car because there were kids everywhere. I had to hop in the car in suit and drive down the road a ways to not "ruin the magic." So there we have it! Another landmark off my list!

Oh, and Kitty left my mark for me. There were cans of spray paint all around the site for you to add a tag to the "monument."
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Yeah. She fails at tagging.