August 11th, 2010


Good Stress

This week is certainly turning into a stress factory. It is not necessarily a bad thing, however, because it proves that I actually have a life! Of course everything is building up to the Yellowstone trip on Saturday. There is the need to get everything packed and ready to go. On top of that I have had to get the bids together for the new furnace/air conditioner. I think I'll have a decision made by tonight. And then there are our house guests. We currently have pacerfox staying with us while he's in town for business. We already warned him that we have very little time for entertaining this week, so he will have to keep himself busy. As soon as he departs on Friday, quentincoyote will arrive to make the trip to Yellowstone with us. anjel_kitty will probably also be making a stop in town as she finishes her epic journey to AZ. Tonight we will have our last meal in ABQ with our dear friends thechick and chucklemagne as they depart for the East. On top of all of this the garden has chosen this time to be its most prolific. The vegetable bin of the fridge is to the overflowing point. I need to cook up as many as the veggies as possible so that they don't go bad while we're away. Last night I cooked up all of the eggplant in one of my favorite casseroles which combines eggplant and Italian sausage. I have a few huge zucchini which need to made into casseroles. I also harvested a whole bunch of cukes which will be turned into dill pickles. There are also big beautiful green chile which are just screaming to be made into rellenos. I made a big batch of salsa last night which barely made a dent in the peppers, but helped clean out the tomatoes. *phew!* So I think that's about all that is going on over the next few days. A nice drive through CO, UT, and WY is just what I need to relax. Oh yeah. And let's not forget the fursuiting. *smiles*