August 13th, 2010


Mental Health Day

With all of the "good stress" I wrote about the other day, I decided to take a half day off yesterday. It was just what the doctor ordered! You might say that I am still insane because I spent most of the day inside of a hot kitchen. I did sign a contract for the air conditioner so hopefully the kitchen won't be so hot in a couple of weeks. What was I doing in the kitchen? Making more pickles! I'll spare you the "Pickle Surprise" video this time. *grins* I experimented with dill spears this time. Once again I consulted a few dozen recipes and mixed and matched to come up with something that I hope will turn out tasty. I'm really getting the hang of canning! I want to eventually move on to things like salsa (if the darn tomatoes would just start producing more).

After I finished with the pickles, Kitty stepped in and made a carrot cake for our housesitters dragoncrescent and eaglem16. What better way to lure a bunny into working for you than bribing him with carrot cake! Once Kitty finished with her cake it was time for me to step back in and make a zucchini casserole for dinner. I used the zucchini that I had affectionately named "Thor." Need I say more about its size?

But wait! I was not done in the kitchen yet! My basil plant was doing nicely, so I picked a cupful of leaves and whipped up a nice pesto. It will be ready and waiting when we return from the trip.

I noticed a lot of baby cucumbers on the vine, so I have a feeling that I will be making more pickles in the near future. The jalapeno plants are also dripping with peppers, so I will have to find a good recipe for pickling those as well. I certainly love them, although my tailhole sure doesn't afterward! (was that TMI?) *chuckles*