August 15th, 2010


Yellowstone Con Update

Wow! I found broadband signal out here! A quick update. albear, dexter_fox, quentincoyote, scritchwuff, Kitty, and myself are safely in our "cabin" here in West Yellowstone. For all of you that thought that this would be some sort of primitive boondoggle...PWN3D! It's a wonderful place that could almost be considered a lodge. We have a ton of space and it's very peaceful and relaxing.

The big news of today was that I fursuited the Grand Tetons. That makes national park #10 I believe. Oh, and while I was in suit without my top (because I was in the car) I got to see a frigging GRIZZLY! I actually got within 10' of the mofo! He was peacefully grazing along side the road, so I rolled down the window and took his pic. Oh yes, I will post when I download.

SO now we're playing Apples to Apples getting buzzed on mojitos. More posts to come as long as the wifi signal holds up.