August 25th, 2010


Yellowstone Con - The Trip Up There

I thought I would make a special post about the drive up to Yellowstone because the trip was part of the whole experience. We left Fur Central on 8/14 and headed northwest on Highway 550. I have driven this route many times (especially this year to take czar_wolfhound to and from Farmington) so it was no big deal for me, but since we had quentincoyote with us, I thought it would be a little more scenic than taking Interstate 40 (which would also actually be a little out of our way). There were several routes I could have chosen, but this one won because it would take us through some gorgeous scenery. I have driven a LOT of routes out here in the West and I'm always looking for the new ones with new scenery.

We stopped for a quick lunch in Durango and then proceeded north on the Million Dollar Highway. The views were incredible! I think I have only been on this route one time before. I had forgotten how spectacular it was! It was somewhat slow going as we wound our way up and over pass after pass. It was hard to get Q back in the car after every stop as he was bitten by the Colorado Mountain Bug. He was especially enamored with Ouray, CO. We continued north to Grand Junction where we were planning a possible meet with TK Wolf and Scruff E Coyote, but time was really limiting our plans. We then continued north on State Highway 139 which was all new to me. Wow. It looks so non-descriptive on the map but it goes through some really beautiful mountains. I kept thinking about the movie "Lonely Are the Brave". We finally pulled into Vernal, UT right at sunset where we met up with chaysefox who made the drive just to hang out with us for the evening. Dinner was at GhettoGolden Corral.

The next day we were up bright and early and continuing north. We made a stop at Flaming George Gorge Reservoir. Since this was one of "ours" I talked for awhile with the person at the visitors' center. I had wanted to walk out on the dam, but post-911 fears had put an end to that. The sheriff who was providing security, however, told us where the best spots were to get pictures. I should mention that the scenery around the dam was once again nothing short of spectacular. The more we drove north, however, the more open and desolate the scenery became. By the time we were north of Rock Springs I offered to pay $1000 for every tree you could see. I kept my money. We were supposed to meet dexter_fox and albear in Jackson, but road construction and our delay at Flaming Gorge set us back a couple of hours. We proceeded through Grand Teton National Park without them. Since it was a national park I decided to do a little fursuiting. I got a pic in front of the famous mountains with the big tits (those horny Frenchmen!) as well as Jackson Lake. I wanted to get a pic in front of Grand Teton sign, so I just de-headed in the vehicle. As we went through the entry station the ranger gave me a quizzical look. She warned me with a laugh to stay away from the real bears. Several miles down the road there was a small traffic jam. I could see a fairly large brown furry critter just off to the right. It looked to be about the size of a small buffalo. As we got closer we could see that it was, in fact, a bear! As we slowly drove by I could see the unmistakable hump over the shoulders which meant grizzly. It was a fairly young bear, probably a yearling. I snapped pictures like crazy as we drove by. A little ways up the road I got my pic in front of the park sign. Of course I had to pose for several pics with other tourists. It was then another hour or so to get to West Yellowstone. We found the cabin with ease. Al and Dex were already there making themselves at home. Much beer was then consumed as we settled into our new digs. The planning then began for the week ahead. And now...some pics!


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