August 30th, 2010


We Interupt Yellowstone Con Posts...

...for a quick post about life's goings on. Yeah, I know I could just make more than one post a day, but I try to limit myself to one a day.

1) New air conditioning unit is up and running! We have been enjoying refrigerated air for just under a week now. It's nice not having to worry about the outside humidity as a function of how cool you can get the inside of the house. A swarm of workers descended last Tuesday and got everything done in about 8 hours. Yay!

2) Pickling continues! The garden has still been producing cucumbers, so I have been making more batches of dill and sweet pickles. I think I am up to about 4 gallons! Before I proceeded with the latest batch of bread-and-butter pickles, I decided I should try my 1st batch to make sure I was doing it right. Oh yeah! Tasty! The dills came out pretty darn good as well.

3) Edgewood Parade. Wildlife West invited me and as many other furry critters as possible to join them on their wagon for the annual parade through the town of Edgewood. It was a pretty good time, but the crowds were much thinner than in previous years. The tractor driver was also a bit too speedy so I couldn't hop off as much to interact with the kids. We were appreciated, however, as a boring old wagon (which kinda looked like a cage) was brought to life by 6 fursuiters.

4) Bubonicon 42. Speaking of fursuiting, we once again attended our local sci-fi convention on Saturday. This year we specifically asked to be on the party floor so as not to get shut down so early like last year. What a difference! It really had the vibe of the FC party floor when it was at the Doubletree. The furries were warmly embraced by their fellow geeks. We had Star Trek people in and out of our room all night demanding that we visit their room parties. I wore my dragon sleeper which worked out great! Fantasy people loved me because they thought I was a dragon. Trekkies thought I was a Gorn. Anime people thought I was Godzilla. One little boy called me Yoshi. Closet furries came out of the woodwork! I explained the fandom to several people and they came away with a better understanding of who we are instead of "something we saw on CSI." A few non-furs hung out in our room most of the night. And they were cool people, not social retards! We did fursuit a bit at the con, but definitely not a very long time. Maybe next years we'll expand our presence a little more.

So that's what's been going on. I have a few more Yellowstone Con posts to make. Stay tuned!