October 1st, 2010



Oh, Hi, LJ!

Not too much to write about lately. Mom is in town for her birthday since I bought her tickets a few months back. She flew in to Amarillo to visit my sister first. Then I drove to Amarillo on Wed to pick her up to bring her here. There used to be a flight from Amarillo to ABQ, but Southwest discontinued it. She would have had to go through Denver which would have taken her 4 hours, the same amount of time it takes to drive. There was another option to fly on Continental which went via Houston. That option would have cost $700. *LOL* It would have been cheaper to hire a limo! Tomorrow is the opening day of Balloon Fiesta, so we'll probably take her to that. We have dinner planned at a nice steakhouse for tonight. Other than that it's just chill time. I WAS going to have lunch with her today, but a crisis popped up and a meeting was scheduled over lunch time. *growls* So off I go to the meeting. Bye for now!