October 4th, 2010


Balloon Fiesta '10

The premiere event of ABQ is the annual Balloon Fiesta. Every year 10's of thousands of people from around the world descend upon the city to witness the spectacle of hundreds of hot air balloons filling the skies. Having lived here for 11 years, the excitement tends to wear off after awhile. While it truly is a sight to behold, you weigh the beauty with the traffic and crowds and the charm is not so great. Living here, however, makes you very popular during this time because your den becomes a base camp to those from out of town who want to experience the event without spending $$$ on hotels which jack up their rates. They can do so because the occupancy rate is about 100%.

This year, as previously mentioned, I invited my mom out for a visit to celebrate her birthday. I knew how much she enjoyed the Fiesta the last time she was here with my dad, so I decided to take her again. We used the park-and-ride system which was a total fiasco a few years ago when I took my sister. At that time there was a rain storm which sent people fleeing to the exits which totally overwhelmed the system. We must have waited in line for almost 2 hours. This year there was almost another SNAFU. When we got to the park-and-ride lot, there was only 1 bus being loaded with a huge line extending into the lot. There should have been a whole stream of buses waiting to load. Some tard who was helping load the buses announced that the buses would stop running in 15 minutes. That sent a lot of people back to their cars to seek other means of transportation. Soon after that, however, a whole string of buses appeared which easily handled those of us who remained. We got to the park just as the 1st balloons were launching for the day. We found a nice spot and just soaked in the color and excitement. For 2 hours we watched the sky fill with balloons. The atmospheric phenomenon known as "the box" was in place, so balloons launched into a wind blowing north to south. They then gained altitude which put them into another layer that was blowing south to north. Once they passed back over the park, they lowered themselves back into the N-S layer and landed back at the park.

There were many animal-themed balloons which were, of course, our favorites. Here are some pics of those.
Airabelle, the Creamland Cow, is always my favorite. She inflated, but didn't fly.

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Maybe next year I will try again to fursuit the event. I did it for about 3 years starting in 2003, but it became a hassle trying to track down the right people to talk to. I think we stumbled across an alternative, however, that worked just as well. Tune in tomorrow to hear what it was!

Furder (a.k.a Furry Murder)

I call dibs on that word!

Anyway...the furry net has been abuzz about the emo-dragon that was murdered in CA a few days ago. Well, tonight my jaw hit the ground when the local news station here in ABQ reported on the story. Why? Because the murderer was from Los Alamos. I didn't know the deceased, but I heard he cried wolf a lot of times that his life was in danger. There has been a lot of drama surrounding this because, I guess, the victim was not exactly the most loved in the fandom, but talking ill of the dead is a pretty fucking lame thing to do. *shrugs* It's just scary to know that there are such mentally unstable people out there.