October 28th, 2010


Garden Update: The Final Tally

Here we go! The final produce count for the 2010 garden.

Zucchini - 11 from 2 mounds
Wow. What a disappointment! After the plants took over a huge part of the garden, they produced relatively few zukes. I controlled the squash bugs, but I think the aphids did their damage before I could get them under control. I need to invest in some ladybugs next year!

Green Peppers - 33 from 4 plants
This was probably the best year for green peppers that I have ever had. I'm not even sure if all 4 plants survived the initial planting when a lot of my peppers got munched by something. They were sooooo flavorful! I made stuffed peppers a few times and they were out of this world!

Poblano (Ancho) Peppers - 40 from 1 plant
This was the 1st year I tried growing them, and I would say it was a huge success! I originally had 4 plants, but they all got munched by something early on. One managed to survive and eventually grew to about 3' tall! In all honesty about 10 of the peppers were harvested a couple of days ago and were pretty darn small.

Green Chile - 100 from 4 plants
Well, I think it was 4. Maybe 1 got munched. This was my best crop ever! I roasted a couple of batches and they were delish! I even shared them on the trip to Yellowstone. They make any sammich mo' tasty! (I'm having an "Albuquerque Turkey" for lunch today!"

Green Beans - 252 from 5 plants
Another great success! I tossed in a short row of seeds as an afterthought when I saw I had a little room. There's nothing quite like fresh steamed beans!

Eggplant - 28 from 4 plants
They struggled a bit throughout the year, but they still produced. We went with the Japanese variety this year, but I think I'm going back to the regular variety next.

Cucumbers - 122 from 5 plants
And now you know why I ended up making about 10 gallons of pickles this year! They went insane!

Tomatoes - 92 from 6 plants
I heard from a lot of gardeners this year that the plants put on a lot of vegetation, but produced relatively few fruits. At least the fruits ripened at a nice even pace so that I was not inundated with bunches at a time. Several batches of salsa were made!

Jalapeno Peppers - 133 from 4 plants
Once again, it might have been only 3 plants after the great pepper massacre. I hope whatever ate them ended up with a flaming butthole! I tried pickling them as well. We shall see how they come out!

So there you have it! Not a bad haul for a plot of about 30 square feet.