December 9th, 2010


Office Party

We had our annual office Christmas party this afternoon. Once again I played Santa Bear. We have so many new employees with kids that there were more kids present than at any party I can remember. That was a good thing for Santa Bear! Unlike in previous years where there were only 2 or 3 kids (and they were screamers), there were kids that actually wanted to go up and get a hug. I love that look in kids' eyes when "the magic" is there. I broke a fursuiting rule by holding a baby, but the dad was a good friend.

We also had our "dirty Santa" gift exchange. My bud in water operations ended up with a large paper mache' rhino head. It looked like it could have been some kids' art project. He thought he was done for the day. When it was my turn I proudly proclaimed, "Dude! You're lucky I'm a furry!" and I yoinked it. That put him back in the game. So now I have a rhino head in my office.

The best gift received was from our office manager who gave us an hour off. Whoot!