December 22nd, 2010


Christmas Music Detective

Last week I made a post about Xmas music. I mentioned some cassette tapes that were given to me by my sister about 20 years ago. They mainly contained jazz versions of Christmas standards as well as some obscure holiday songs from the 30's and 40's. Every year I would break out the tapes and listen to them over and over. Hearing those songs (and versions of songs) became a holiday tradition. With the advent of the mp3 era, I decided to hunt down the songs and recreate those tapes. Better yet, find the actual recordings in digital format. I couldn't just ask my sister because I'm pretty sure that her audiophile friend had made them for her. This is the story of the hunt.
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So in the end I was pretty much able to re-create 5 out of 6 tape sides. Searching for particular Xmas songs can be a task since searching by song title is just about useless unless it's a unique song.