December 28th, 2010


Windows Update

Windows updates are about to be applied on your computer house. Please click "OK" to continue.

My replacement windows were installed today! I ordered 13 windows and 11 were installed. The remaining 2 windows and patio door will be installed tomorrow. Whoot! Yes, they cost me a pretty penny, but with the $1500 I'll get back from Uncle Sam and the money I'll save having energy efficient windows as opposed to the POS windows I had, it is a good deal! It will be so nice to be able to look out of nice clear glass as opposed to the shit I have hated since the day I moved into the house almost 12 years ago. It will also be wonderful to be able to clean the upstairs windows w/o having to get up on an extension ladder. Kitty and I were treated to a wonderful sunset through a nice new window as the Sandias turned their namesake watermelon color.