February 14th, 2011


Mo' Movies

Today's movie reviews are brought to you by the letter "S." It seems that most of the recent films I have watched begin with "S." So let's get to it!

"Salt" -- Wasn't expecting much from this one. I had read a few bad reviews on LJ. Overall, however, it wasn't that bad for what it was. I usually get bored by the spy thriller genre, but this one delivered. The action was not too over the top. It was entertaining.

"Splice" -- I remember when this flick made the rounds in the furry LJ circle. A movie about an animal/human hybrid!?! Oh joy! All in all it fell pretty flat. Once again I recall it being panned on LJ. Yeah. I agree. And yet another movie where they feel it was necessary to kill a kitty. I joked that they should have ended the movie by launching the creature into space where it crash lands years later on Pandora.

"The Social Network" -- I had seen this movie while visiting Al and Dex last month where they had an *cough* advance copy. I was tired and buzzed while watching, so I felt like I missed a lot. I re-rented it and gave it another viewing. So far out of the 5 films up for "Best Picture" that I have seen, this one is at the top of the list. A great story with good acting. I hadn't realized that NIN's Trent Reznor did the music. A must see.

"The Spirit" -- Had I not seen "Sin City" I might have thought this film was pretty cool, at least in style. The Frank Miller style was awesome the first time. Now it's just blase' especially with a hideous plot to prop it up. Once again, another kitty loses its life in this cinematic train wreck. The only interesting part was seeing Samuel L Jackson dressed up in a Nazi uniform.

"The Secret in Their Eyes" -- This was last year's winner for "Best Foreign Language Film" and very rightfully so. The plot starts out like a first-season episode of "Law and Order" but a few masterful twists make this a truly unique story. It's so refreshing to see an ordinary plot become extraordinary especially with such fine acting.