March 25th, 2011


Land of the Midnight Sun

I'm slowly getting the Alaska trip in August put together. One thing I want to get done soon are our flights up there and back. While there is a Seattle-Seattle option for the cruise, most cruises are "leave from A and arrive in B." That makes planning a bit more difficult. I also took on the extra burden of doing the arranging for my mom and sister. Added to that is the fact that Kitty, Scritch, and I want to spend a few days on our own up there. That means different departure dates for half of our group. *facepaws* Prices aren't outrageous, which is a good thing, but I'm finding scheduling to be a major bear. I would like to get my mom a direct flight from Anchorage to Chicago, but the only direct flight I have found leaves at something like 2:30am. I'm finding that a LOT of flights leave after midnight up there. WTF?!? Out of all of the options to get back to ABQ, only 1 is halfway decent. Still, traveling back will not be a fun day. Oh well. A bear's gotta do what a bear's gotta do.

Furry at Work

More proof that it can be a very fun thing being a flaming furry at work.

I just got called into a secret meeting. I wondered what was going on as I walked in on several people huddled around a table. Was it a conference call? Did something bad happen on the river?

No. I was asked if I had a tropical critter costume that I could wear to our assistant manager's going away party next week. She just took a position in Hawaii. So I get to be Squawky the Parrot and randomly blurt out sayings that have been a part of her lexicon while she has been here. *LMAO*