March 27th, 2011


Earthquake and Tsunami

47 years ago today the 2nd most powerful earthquake ever recorded struck just south of Anchorage Alaska. Wikipedia Article here. The M=9.2 quake sent a tsunami wave south to eventually kill people in Oregon and California. Whole fishing villages and ports were wiped off the map on Alaska's coast. The amount of geomorphic change that took place around Anchorage in just a few minutes was amazing as land was thrust up or subsided. The subduction zone is still there and the Pacific Plate is still sliding downward. Southern Alaska WILL experience another event like this in the future. The big difference is that there will be thousands more people affected. I have been thinking about what would happen if a cruise ship was in Whittier or Seward when a tsunami struck. This would have nothing to do with me being there in August. No. Not at all. (paranoid geobear)