April 10th, 2011


Skookum Come Home

I have a fear in the pit of my stomach that my beloved kitty of 11 years is no more. She ran out of the house on Friday night and hasn't been seen since. She goes out frequently at night, but she's usually at the door just before we go to bed. There have been many times where she has not come back, but she is ALWAYS waiting at the door come morning. The few times she wasn't waiting at the door she had been sleeping on the patio cover above the door.

This feels very different. I don't think she has ever been away for 2 days. There still is a possibility that she got herself locked in a shed or garage somewhere, but I'm quickly losing hope. I know that she is VERY coyote-wary, so I doubt she met her fate that way. I haven't seen any yotes in the area for weeks now. She's so small that we have feared she might be prey for an owl. If that were the case, however, there would be remains on the mesa. I have done a fairly extensive search over the past few days. There was road kill in the street yesterday, but I investigated and it was a bunny. Someone could have picked her up, but she is chipped and is wearing a collar with my phone # on it. A possible explanation is that she tangled with a dog in the neighborhood. She usually stands her ground with dogs but perhaps she encountered one that didn't back down. I don't know. Every hour that she is away is another bit of lost hope.