April 15th, 2011


Bringer of Doom and Gloom

"It's sympathy not tears people need when they're the front page sad news."
There's an obscure song lyric for my audiophile friends to identify. No Googling now!

It looks like I got myself quoted in today's paper. I would post a link that someone had sent to me, but it looks to be subscriber-only access. *shrugs*

I performed in our annual dog-and-pony show (disappointingly without a dog or a pony) yesterday known as our Annual Operating Plan. It is here where we present to the public our best guess as to how we will manage the Rio Grande this year. With such a dismal snowpack, it ain't gonna be pretty! The message I am throwing out there is that we survived 2002 which was just about the worst on record. Tough decisions had to be made, but they were made and we came through it. Things will be tough, but with cooperation we will all manage. Everyone is putting their chips on a nice wet monsoon season which usually starts the 1st week of July. Can we make it until then and will it materialize? We will see what happens!