May 8th, 2011


Geek Day

Yesterday was a pretty fun day. It started off with a little fursuiting for a friend who owns a comic book store. It was Free Comic Book Day and she thought it would be cool to have a fursuiter or 2 just hanging out in the shop. I thought it would be a better idea to suit outside and lure people into the shop. I suited for almost an hour and a half and managed to get a few people to stop. It was pretty warm, but it was a nice dry heat which made evaporative cooling very effective. I was rewarded with pizza for lunch and a few anthopomorphic comics.

After lunch we headed over to downtown for National Train Day. They had a Railrunner commuter train along with an Amtrak train with a Superliner coach and sleeper. There were booths from various organizations mainly dealing with tourism. I chastised the people in the Amtrak booth because they had coloring books for kids which featured Casey the Bear. I told them that they needed a bear mascot! When I mentioned that I had a bear suit out in my vehicle, they almost took me up on my offer to suit for them. All I would have needed was a big red bandana and an engineer's cap. Next time!