May 16th, 2011


Bear Onna Bike - 2011

I realized that last year I didn't ride my bike to work a single time. I was definitely gonna change that this year! In order to test my stamina I decided to take a shakedown ride yesterday. ari_foxy has been a good biking buddy, so I asked him if he would want to come along. Of course he said "Yes!" It was a good trip! We probably did 15-16 miles or about 90 minutes worth. We explored a few bike trails that were new to me. We even tried the new bridge over the Rio Grande which parallels I-40. That was pretty neat! So hopefully I will hop on the bike tomorrow morning and do my "real" commute to work.

Oh, and I want to check out a trail about a mile from the house that supposedly just takes off towards the volcanoes to the west of town. It looks like a paved trail according to Google maps' satellite view. It's just odd seeing this trail out in the middle of nowhere where there are no houses nor roads. Give it about 10 years to develop, but right now it's just open desert. Someone in this town had the foresight to plan a bike trail before a road?!?

Entry #2083

I missed an important annifursary! May 14, 2003...the day that I started an LJ account! 8 friggin' years! I never thought I would last this long! It certainly is an interesting read as I have walked down the path of self-discovery. I was a much more drunk and angsty bear 8 years ago. I'm much more settled now although I still enjoy having the "mystique" of being the drunk bear of the fandom. *lol* It certainly has been an interesting time. I wish I had started this at least a year before I did as I fully immersed myself in this crazy thing called "furry" while also dealing with the death of my dad. Heck, I wish I could have documented those lonely tortuous days of my mid-20's, but then again, if I had such a wonderful collection of online friends back then, things might have turned out so much different. *shrugs* Oh well. I am here now and here's to 8 more years unless the Ruskis totally fuck this thing up.