May 31st, 2011


Memorial Day Weenie Roast

The original plan was to have a nice relaxing Memorial Day with perhaps a friend or 2 and just kick back with a few cold beers and some hot dogs on the grill. What we ended up with was a full-blown furmeet with about 18 people. There were still hot dogs and beer, just a lot more of them. I even brought out my old deep frier from the 70's and cooked up some homemade french fries. That darned scritchwuff brought over some top-shelf corn whiskey which we polished off before evening's end. There were new local furs who got to experience their very first furry get-together. A couple folks expressed an interest in fursuiting, so I added a couple notches to my belt of taking people's fursuit virginity. I have a feeling that AlbuFURque is going to be nuts in a few weeks. It has turned into THE furry social gathering for this part of the country, 2nd only to RMFC.