June 2nd, 2011


Califur Bound

After a 2 year hiatus Kitty and I will be making an appearance at Califur this year. We will be departing via the Southwest Chief this afternoon which puts us in LA tomorrow morning. Of course we'll be rooming with our bestest buddies albear and dexter_fox. So if you see a floofy polar bear running around, that'll be me. Hope to see a lot of you there!

I Think I just Saw the Huygens

I'm on the Southwest Chief just leaving Winslow. According to news reports there's a massive wildfire in AZ that is sending a huge amount of smoke to the N-NE. I swear the area around Grants NM looked like the surface of Titan. The entire sky had a yellowish brown tinge to it. I have seen a lot of dust storms, especially this year, but this really took the cake for incredibly crappy air quality. It cleared up by the time we got to Gallup.