July 3rd, 2011


Vanilla Sky, pt 2

This is a post that has been 8 years in the making. You see, 8 years ago I was still quite the newbie to the fandom. Heck, I was a n00b to the Interwebs as a whole. That's not entirely true since I had been on the Web since the mid 90's, but I had only just discovered the "joys" of chat and newsgroups i.e. alt.lifestyle.furry. Back in 2003 I was still a wide-eyed cub taking in the whole furry world as it revealed itself to me. I was also becoming aware of who I was and who I could become. It was truly a midlife crisis for me as I cast aside all of the pre-conceived notions I had been spoon-fed up to that point. There was also that "liberating" moment with the death of my father a few months earlier where I suddenly became aware that I had no one to answer to but myself.

It was 8 years ago this day that I arrived in Los Angeles for one of the most truly awesome and wonderful weekends in my entire life. It was a weekend when I lost my virginity in both a physical as well as a metaphysical sense. I made a post about a month before where I put my situation in terms of a recently released movie "Vanilla Sky." Just by chance the movie was being broadcast this weekend on one of the cable movie channels. It stirred up all sorts of memories from that original post I made 8 years ago. I felt that perhaps now was the time I should finish what I started 8 short years ago.

The Bear plunges earthward with the wind whistling past his muzzle, making his eyes water with huge tears that fly up the side of his face. He waits for the "magic wings" to appear from his back which will allow him to soar to safety and happiness. Nothing happens. He begins to panic as the ground rushes up to meet him. There are visions of plumes of blood and gore as his body hits the pavement at near terminal velocity speeds. He envisions the startled looks of the lookie loos as their bodies are covered in the splatter of gore. He had made the wrong decision. This was the end. But wait!

As he continues to plummet downward he sees the crowd below him begin to part. There is a circle forming on the street below where he is about to impact only a few seconds from now. There are a few small figures deploying something in the center of the circle. He can see them place a small square in the center before running off to the periphery of the ever-growing circle. There is a large explosion of dust as the square began rapidly expanding. Everything is happening in slow motion even though the Bear is plunging to the earth at a tremendous speed. It is only a few seconds later when the Bear began to feel the soft touch of fabric to his body as he became enveloped in a soft cushion of air. His velocity slows as he becomes further enveloped in the air bag. Finally he feels the jolt of the pavement but only after his speed has diminished to almost zero. There is a brief moment of uncertainty and confusion as the enormity and realization of the events that has just occurred finally sinks in. The shock is broken only by the warm and inviting paws of all of the creatures that had gathered to help extract him from the soft billowing cushion on which he rests.

After a few minutes the Bear has regained his senses to truly appreciate the situation around him. The air tastes sweeter than it has ever before. The Sun shines more brilliantly than ever before. The sky has a more intense shade of blue than he has ever experienced before in his life. He looks at all of the smiling faces before him and realizes all of the love that could possibly be had in this world. Another bear and a fox stand there with their paws on his shoulder, steadying him and making sure that he is alright. He smiles at both of them and gives them both a strong thankful hug. He shakes himself off and begins walking off down the city street into the sunset. His friends clasp their paws on his shoulders and follow him, their love filling him with the energy to be able to face whatever lay ahead of him in the glaring brilliance of that setting sun.

Wow! That was so wonderfully cathartic!