July 22nd, 2011


Have a Seat

Is it bad when a co-worker sends you a picture of someone in a Pedobear suit posing with a woman dressed up as a schoolgirl and you get asked, "Hey! Is this you?"

Wetting the Worm

Departure to Alaska is now only 4 weeks away! WHOOT! One of the excursions I have planned for myself, Scritch, my sis, and my bro-in-law is an afternoon of deep-sea fishing for halibut and/or cod. The trip is pretty expensive (>$200/person) but with the price of halibut being about $20/lb, I am hoping to catch at least one medium-sized fish which would pay for the trip. Of course there is also the possibility of getting shut out, but at least we'll have a nice outing on the water. I read a news story today that gave me hope. A New Mexico woman working the Summer in AK went fishing for the first time in her life the other day and hauled in a 300+lb halibut. I have heard about this happening several times. *crosses claws* I'll be happy with a nice 40-50 pounder.