July 27th, 2011


LJ Sux

What the hell is going on with LJ?!? I have had a few friends make posts about having problems as well. I'm trying this on my work computer (during lunch) and using Explorer since, from what I have read, it mainly is Firefox that's having a problem. I got a message in my address bar that had a bunch of HTML gobbildygook which said, "Livejournal loves you. Have a cookie." WTF?!? I did a spyware search and came up with nothing. I cleared my cache and deleted all cookies. I'm still having problems. I checked the LJ Support page and they acknoledged that they were having some sort of problem. Well fix the damn thing! So I have been reading all of your posts, I just haven't been able to comment. That also seems to be a common problem. Grrrrrrr.